Customized bookkeeping and financial data analysis for businesses with a mission.

You know where you want your business to go but you’re not sure how you get there. To thrive you need a plan and a plan starts with data and analysis. Your business has a lot of financial data but if it isn’t handled correctly, it won’t tell you the truth. Without the real story of your money you can’t move forward. Really understand your money and you can make more of it, grow or change your business, and become a force for good in the world!

Find relief from the financial confusion so you can focus on your core work. You have a dream for your business… let’s make that happen.


When you work with me you:

  • Know exactly where your money is and and where it goes each month. Each penny is accounted for.
  • Understand your financial statements and what they can tell you about your business.
  • Are ready to take advantage of opportunities and partnerships, grow your company, and do good in the world because your financial picture is accurate.
  • Always have the money to operate: you, your team, and your bills get paid.
  • No longer frustrated and avoiding off the bookkeeping. Plus, no more wackiness in your books that keeps you from knowing your real financial position (I’m looking at you uncategorized expenses and piles of undeposited funds).
  • Have more time and less stress: focus on your real work, spend more time with the kids, take a day off…
  • Learn how your business compares to your industry as a whole, get guidance on creating budgets and revenue goals, and more.
  • Have someone on team YOU. I want to see you thrive!

So how does it work?

With a bookkeeper + cloud accounting software (like Quickbooks Online or Xero) your job is now easy.

Once I set up your system and connect your accounts, the software grabs the transactions so they are available for me to categorize, reconcile, and monitor (I watch for errors, fraud, and honest mistakes to make sure you aren’t losing money).

QBO and Xero have tons of integrated apps so whether you’re using time sheets, POS systems, third party payment processors, or other products the software brings all that information together automatically so I can process and analyze it.

Once everything is rolling, you will send me receipts (we find the digital tool that works best for you or you can do it old school and send me the papers!). I keep you in the loop with weekly email of questions (as necessary) and a monthly video call to explain you financial statements to you and chat about how things are going. We can set goals and check in on them, get your business on a budget to keeps things on track, look at how you compare to others in your field (benchmarking), and talk shop. An hour of video/phone call and unlimited email support is included each month. Additionally I communicate with your accountant/tax preparer and get them the reports they need so tax time runs smoothly.


Basic Monthly Services


* balance sheet, income statement (aka profit and loss), statement of cash flows

Monthly services start at $325 per month


Additional Services


  • Accounts Payable and Bill Pay
  • Accounts Receivable with custom invoicing
  • Customized financial reports
  • 1099s
  • Budgeting and revenue goals
  • Benchmarking (comparison to others in your industry)
  • Clean up
  • Catch up
  • Extra transactions and accounts


Quarterly services

(for very small or new businesses)


  • Quarterly review and clean up
  • Quarterly financial statements
  • Email support
  • Billed monthly
  • Common add-ons with quarterly services: historical clean up, catch up, custom chart of accounts, QBO/Xero subscription

Quarterly services start at $300 per quarter (billed in monthly partial payments)


Each service package is unique, just like your business.

I build from these core services to meet your needs. After an initial analysis of your books I’ll send you a proposal for your custom bookkeeping services.


Contact me today to discover what bookkeeping looks like for your business.

You are an expert at running your business. Isn’t it time you hired an expert to take care of the finances so the business doesn’t run you?